The Sunshine Senior Tour management :

Your Board Management convened last month and continues to strive for good governance with respect to the activities of the Senior Tour, while always trying to secure and deliver to most of the expectations from members. The Players Committee (PC) now has a full complement of 8 members with the Chairman being Andries Prinsloo and who is also a director on the Board.

In the hype of State Capture and various corporate financial scandals, poor economic performance, and slow growth, South Africans have come through a tough year. Barriers to entry to attract and secure investment/sponsorship for tournaments remains high, especially from the private sector, but we remain confident that the Senior Tour will grow in 2020 and beyond.

The Player’s Committee players’, under the chairmanship of Andries are going to assist the Board and Investment Committee in the overall strategy to seek sponsorship for tournaments. Please channel all your positive ideas, contributions, sponsorship/partnership suggestions as well as non-serious matters and concerns through the PC. Derek Ferreira, Angus Dickson, Johann Wolfaardt, Henry Roodt, Norman Mashaba, Kevin Stone and Kevin Smith make up the compliment of the PC for 2020

Tournament news:

Congratulations to the above members who won events in 2019. Also, well done to James Kingston and Chris Williams whose performances on the Staysure Tour last year were remarkable and classy. In addition, James won the Sunshine Senior Tour Order of Merit with winnings totaling approximately R164 000 in only 3 tournaments. Mike Quinn was ‘Rookie of the Year’ and easily made the top 30 on the 2019 OOM.

We thank all the sponsors for their contributions in 2019 that enabled our members to participate in 9 events. It is also appropriate to give the Fidelity Group and Nelson Mwale huge thanks for supporting the Senior Tour for the past 6 years and for their further commitment of R500 000 sponsorship in 2020.

There are 8 events confirmed for 2020 and these can be found on the Senior Tour Website. There are a further 8 events that need to be signed off this year with the contracts at the various business partners. The PE, Nelson Mandela Bay Classic, scheduled for 22-24 April has stalled in their legal department and we await release very soon. Again, we cannot proceed until the cash is in our bank account, even though the Metro and Treasury have approved the funding. Also, there is difficulty in holding the dates and venue of the event together with the hospitality commitments.

Events in Durban, Gaborone, Mafeking, East London, Port Alfred and Cape Town are on the table hoping that funding will be found and therefore enabling growth for the Senior Tour. A co-sanctioned tournament is currently being negotiated with the Staysure Tour for Zambia. This may have a limited entry for our members but there also remain funding challenges.

We are working to extend the 3- year SASO agreement with the Bitou Municipality for another 3 years.

Congratulations to Sean Burger in winning the Q-School 2020 held at Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Course last month. He won with a 36-hole total of 146 on the tough East Course. Full (Regular) membership cards were awarded to the top 10 participants as well as five conditional cards. All participants in the Q-School who finished outside the Top 10 were issued with Affiliation Membership Cards. This category of member may enter Senior Tour events but may have to pre-qualify to make the starting lineup. Details for the first tournament at CCJ from 16-17 March are on the website and members are urged to check their exempt/Ranking status for 2020.

Membership-Subscriptions, tour school, cards and badges

Subscriptions have been increased to R1600 for the period 01 January 2020 to 31 December 2020 for the regular member category. All members who finished in the top 40 positions on the 2019 SAST Order of Merit list will automatically qualify for regular members in 2020, if they wish to continue their membership.

By way of our constitution, all players/members, other than honourary members, who finished outside the top 40 on the OoM 2019 list will cease to be members on 31 December 2019. These players or past affiliate members must take up the following options to secure membership and/or playing rights for 2020:

  1. Have entered and played in the Q-School on 16-17 January 2020.The entry fee-R4000 included the annual subscription fee. The top 10 received playing privileges for 2020 and are exempt in all standard 54 hole and Fidelity events. Another 5 conditional cards have been awarded to enable these players to fill in where the top 10 players do not enter. All players who participated and paid the entry fee and who did not make the top 10, have been allocated Affiliation Membership.
  2. Those Affiliate and Regular members of 2019, who did not earn money, may apply for Affiliate Membrship in 2020, if they did not attend the Q-School. The fee set here is R4400.
  3. Those players who finished 31-53 on the OOM list of 2019 may have elected to go to the Q-School to improve their ranking on the exemption list for 2020. Those in positions from 41 -53 may apply for Affiliate membership if they did not attend Q-School. Fee R 4400.
  4. Only members will be allowed to pre-q for standard events in 2020, unless by decision by the TD.

Membership Playing Cards will be provided for players qualified in categories 1-7(c). Other categories fall into the Affiliation Membership domain where members may still enter events but may need to pre-qualify.No Badges will be distributed this year.

Subscriptions need to be settled with the FD by the latest 29 February 2020.

Please check the Senior Tour Website for details on the player rankings and starting field categories.

On 18 May 2019, we sent certain members an email to submit some career details about themselves. Some did, most did not. Please send these to Pat, so that we can archive the details and promote the Tour.

Website review and reconstruction, management proof focus

There has been agreement from the Board to review the current website and a new offering design to be submitted for future use. Also, discussion with the Sunshine Tour has taken place with the possibility that we link into their website with the same ‘look and feel’ ,as well as into their weekly U-tube products. Perhaps we will have a ‘player of the month’ feature and finally a ‘player of the year’ award concluding in 2020.

We are also talking to a media/digital marketing company interested in compiling performance clips and interviews at our tournaments for social media interaction.

Your Board and PC members’ roles have been reviewed in 2020 and responsibilities allocated. Financial performance features, together with specific focus on risk management to extract maximum benefits for all our stakeholders is in place. The financial health and position of the company was presented to the Board last
month and will be relayed to the members at the AGM on 26 March 2020 in line with and in compliance with corporate governance legislation.

Thank you to all our members for your continued & loyal support of the Senior Tour

SAST Management