2017 SA Senior Tour AGM

2017 AGM


Notice is given that the 2017 Annual General Meeting for members of the Senior Professional Golf Tour of SA will take place at the Blue Valley Golf and Country Club Estate Clubhouse, Friday, 03rd March 2017 at 10:00


  1. Welcome all and new members and confirm proper Notice of this meeting was given
  2. Apologies
  3. Minute silence for departed members
  4. Approval of Previous minutes – AGM 2016
  5. Approval of 24 June 2016 ‘meeting of members’
  6. Matters arising from these minutes
  7. Chairman’s and COO’s combined report
  8. Financial report
  9. Appointment of an Auditor for 2017/8 Fiscal year
  10. SAST/Accelerate/EWT/SBS partnership – Update
  11. Event Schedule 2017, confirmed and proposed
  12. General
    12.1     Other business from members
  13. Resolutions to be adopted by members:
    13.1     Election of PC Committee
    13.2   Election of Board of Directors
    13.3   Resolutions attached
  14. Closure